About Crystal River Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing in Crystal River Florida mainly revolves around 3 species: Speckled Trout Redfish and Snook. With a nearly endless amount of natural habitat in the Crystal River area these fish have thrived and due to solid management our populations are in great shape. The Crystal River itself is a 6 mile long spring fed river that empties out into 50 square miles of grass flats and mangrove islands. This estuary and backcountry area is a mix of 2 different worlds with both shallow grass flats boasting crystal clear water and deep spartina grass lined creeks giving us a wide variety of terrain to hunt gamefish in. These 3 fish have many great qualities the most important one being that we can target them year round with solid success although there are definitely peak seasons for each species and we can target them different ways during different times of the year.

We are happy to put you on great inshore trip whether it be chasing trophies or just having a fun relaxing day out with some friends we can make it happen. We pride ourselves on being down to earth guys that love to have fun and show people a great experience on the water.

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