Fishing Calendar

December – February

In the winter we catch trout and redfish on both artificial and bait in the deeper creeks and holes. Snook fishing can be challenging this time of year because they do not particularly enjoy cold weather, most of them will be in the main river near the springs and that does not make them easy to catch. This time of year we can definitely see some bonus species making an appearance including Sheephead, Black Drum, and Pompano. This time of year really does lend itself well to both rookies and experienced anglers with the ability to make things both easy or challenging.

March – May

The Spring is centered around Snook fishing with trout and redfish being secondary species this time of year. We can fish either lures or bait for snook depending on the weather and tides but we do have an extremely high success rate with fish over 30inches and during the months of March an April if a client is looking to keep a snook for the dinner table we are happy to oblige. During April and May along with snook we do see a good migration of cobia and there is hardly a better bonus fish then a legal cobia to cap off a day on the water.

June – September

The summer months can be some of the best time to see truly schooling redfish and that is usually our main focus. Migratory groups of redfish show up on the exterior outside islands and can make for days of catching 30 plus redfish a common happening. There are some snook mixed in with these schools of reds as well but for the most part the trout tend to go 8-12 miles offshore to get away from the hot summer water temps. This time of year the Mangrove Snapper gather up on the nearshore rockpiles to spawn and they make for a very tasty additive to the fish box after you have caught you fill of redfish.

October – November

The fall is a pretty special time of year as all of the inshore species are feeding heavily on baitfish migrating south for the winter. Trout Reds and Snook can be found mixed together and this can make for some unforgettable days on the water. This is some of the best time to sling lures including topwater plugs and witness some awesome strikes. During the fall the gag grouper also move in to shallow water and this is very fun experience to test your strength against one of the meanest fish that God made.

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